Nutrition Response Testing

Are you in pain or living with symptoms you can’t seem to get rid of? Kim Chiropractic in Elkins Park, PA, offers nutrition response testing which can guide you to the relief you seek.

Quick Guide to Nutrition Response Testing

You’ve been in pain, are feeling ill, or you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition, and you don’t know what to do. You’ve already visited your primary care physician, likely had several tests performed, and may have even started taking medication. Nothing seems to be working – at least not as well as you’d like. This happens quite often. Some people never even receive a diagnosis, which leaves them even more confused.

Though it might seem hopeless, don’t give up. The answer to your symptoms might be simpler than you think. In this guide, the team at Kim Chiropractic in Elkins Park, PA, shares what nutrition response testing is and how it can help.

What Is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition response testing or NRT is a technique that helps chiropractors identify the underlying source of pain and other symptoms. Your body needs certain nutrients to function properly, but many people lack these nutrients. When there is a deficiency, organs can’t function as they should, which leads to various issues.

NRT is a completely non-invasive testing process that is backed by science and medical studies. It analyzes your body and its functions to determine where deficiencies and other issues lie. Additionally, it looks for various things that might affect your body, such as toxins, intolerance to specific foods, stressors, and more.

How Is It Performed?

NRT involves two basic steps. The first is to test the body’s reflexes by testing specific trigger points. Your reflexes – or lack thereof – can indicate specific troubled areas.

After testing, a personalized health improvement plan is developed. This includes adding the proper nutrients to your diet, as well as any techniques to achieve pain relief or other specified goals. For example, it might be combined with adjustments, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercises, depending on your specific needs.

Discover what’s at the root of your suffering by visiting the team at Kim Chiropractic in Elkins Park, PA, for nutrition response testing. Call (215) 782-1235 to schedule an appointment today.

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